Gann's Square of Nine Does NOT Matter.

To all my dear Gann fans, newbies, and more ....

The real meat of all the Gann’s core philosophies lies in _________. It does not lie in Square of Nine, which in my view is a representation and application of the core view.

Though I am not declaring what it is that I hold of such great interest, I would like to state that if you are able to view and understand the core of the Square of Nine and why it even remains useful, then it will be very interesting means of finding the residual factor. This factor in my opinion, and one which is quite in open, is something that is the crucial crunchie for its success.

So please stop chasing Square of Nine and its usage, or for that matter several other mind-numbing esoteric charts out there. Concentrate on why and what makes it function!


I understand the hypocrisy of this post. Claiming to know something but not yet revealing it. You must understand, the journey itself took almost a decade for me – alone. The real problem in sharing it is – even if I shared it in open, I am sure it will be berated and abused for even calling it a secret. As I have already told you, the thing is out in the open – the secret is in how you use it.

The reason I write this, albeit several years late, is that I still see lots of people struggling in understanding that Square of Nine is just a tool to the achieve, think of it as an buildings’ blue-print. The blue-print and the building itself IS NOT the ‘secret’, but it is just a manifestation and application of the ‘secret’ in the open world.

Before, people bash me, let me just say this – this thing works for me, and has done for many years of study and trade now. So, please do not try and preach me out of it.

Good Luck.

PS: Sit back and think about this for few minutes, it may save you months/ years of wasteful pursuits.

PS: Why I have pretty much told you guys what lies at its core! As I told you, its not a 'secret' but its out in the open! Good Luck.

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